Letters: New Sacramento River bridge would be a bridge too big

Re “The new Sacramento River bridge is a big opportunity. Let’s not blow it.” (Editorial, Oct. 26): A bridge that is nearly 60 feet high is inherently unfriendly to bike riders and pedestrians, whether or not it has bike lanes or wide sidewalks. Pedestrians will not want to climb a height the equivalent of a six story building to reach the bridge deck and have to descend the same distance on the other side. Bridges over the Sacramento River should be sized for people, not for non-existent freight traffic on the river or fake smokestacks on tourist boats. The extra expense of a huge bridge would be enormous, and unnecessary. The inconvenience never would go away. Paris and other cities build bridges for human traffic and city life. We should not design a bridge that makes river traffic the highest priority. We should design river traffic to accommodate bridges that are city-friendly.

Walt Seifert, Sacramento