Letters: #TheGoodOnes

Re “After #MeToo, then what? We can’t hashtag our way out of sexual harassment” (Shawn Hubler, Oct. 22): I have to speak up about all the men who treated me with respect and encouragement when I was young and in the workforce. We can’t just talk about the bad ones. We need to talk about the good guys. It’s horrible when harassment happens, and it needs to be stopped, but not all males are scum and the entire gender doesn’t need to be vilified. I was lucky to work for and with Gov.Pete Wilson, Bob White, Martin Wilson, Fred Beteta, Mike Villines, George Dunn, Bill Hauck, and many others. Nearly every male I worked with in the governor’s campaigns and administrations were respectful and professional. They treated me with respect, taught me the business and mentored me, helping me become who I am today. Yes, there may have been some inappropriate comments over all the years by a few rude men, but it wasn’t worth my time to acknowledge them. I never felt threatened or bullied or uncomfortable with any of the men I worked with and for. I am grateful for the encouraging and supportive culture in the Wilson administration. I was honored to be a part of their team and work with these honorable and respectful men. I cannot say enough good things about them. I also see my husband, Jeff Randle, work daily with a mostly female staff at Randle Communications. He respects, encourages and supports them and would never make a woman feel threatened or harassed. And he is one of many, many good men I know who work in this city and in this country. Let’s hold the ones who crossed the line accountable and stop the harassment. But let’s also acknowledge the good and honorable men who work daily with women and have professional, courteous and encouraging relationships. #TheGoodOnes

Kellie Randle, Sacramento