Letters: New gasoline tax will be wasted

Re “You might want to fill up that gas tank before Nov. 1 tax hike” (sacbee.com, Oct. 27) Californians have already paid for road improvements at the pump all along, but the money wasn't used for that purpose and instead was funneled into the general fund for pork projects. Estimated cost is an additional $600 per household per year. The 12 cents a gallon in addition to the current gas tax structure also includes an inflation factor, so you can bet the new gas tax will not be limited to its starting increase of 12 cents. Also the coming cap-and-trade regulations may add another 70 cents a gallon by the year 2030, not to mention the possibilities of future taxes or increases. Sadly, the average Californian does not pay attention to legislation that affects them. Further, while there is supposed to be a special oversight committee to make sure the money goes to transportation purposes only, can one really believe that legislators or bureaucrats won’t figure out how to get around the oversight? It has happened before. The fox is guarding the hen house.

Mark Roberts, Loomis