Letters: How to easily offset the gas tax hike

Re “Gas taxes just increased. Now Caltrans needs to prove we’re not wasting our money” (Editorials, Nov. 1) California’s gas tax increase is now law. What it costs you and what it fixes: Depending on mileage driven, the new gas tax can be offset and more by reducing idling when parked. Many of us warm up our vehicles for too long. The best way to warm up a fuel-injected light duty vehicle, as long as defrosting is not an issue, is to drive it moderately. Avoid idling when parked. And avoid drive-throughs. A vehicle idling when parked for 15 minutes a day will cost around $60-200 a year depending on engine size. Reducing idling also improves air quality, reduces CO2 emissions and conserves energy.

Wayne Michaud, Citrus Heights