Letters: ‘Luna Gale’ is a must see; Mitchel Benson’s review was too tough

Re “No easy answers in Capital Stage’s unsettling custody drama ‘Luna Gale’” (sacbee.com, Nov. 1): The remarkably coarse 2.5-star rating reviewer Mitchel Benson assigned to Luna Gale was at striking odds at the experience of the play. Our devotion to the cutting edge artistry and annual play selections of Capital Stage was earned again with the wrenching performances and utterly brilliant floating staging of the work with its packed house of discerning theater lovers. Minimalist staging? Hardly. Static performances? Not. Moreover, the relevance to our region's policy leaders, who administer over Sacramento’s desperately frayed social services, demands their attendance to feel the consequences of starved caring institutions in our community. Michael Stevenson’s nuanced and profound directorial influence is distinguished here with an imperceptible evenness across the equity and non-equity actors deep engagement and passionate translation. Luna Gale is a must see.

William Bronston, Carmichael