Letters: Tom McClintock is wrong if he thinks the Republican tax bill will help California families

Re “Mortgage deduction cap would hit some California home buyers” (sacbee.com, Nov. 2): Does taking away your state income tax deduction and limiting your mortgage and property tax deduction sound positive to you? How about wiping out the pre-tax benefit for child care? Rep. Tom McClintock, R-Elk Grove, and many of his Republican buddies in Congress think so. They think you’ll get behind “tax simplification,” even though it will cost Californians more money and hurt our housing industry. They think you won’t understand that tax reductions for the most wealthy will end up cutting medical care to millions of your family, friends and neighbors. And they think you won’t care that the big winners of the tax overhaul will be corporations and people whose estates are worth more than $11 million. The best way to prove them wrong is to call them and say “no” to a proposed overhaul that's bad for you, our state and our nation.

David Kane, El Dorado Hills