Letters: Thoughts and prayers

Re “‘They had the prayers shot right out of them’: Backlash begins after church shooting” (sacbee.com, Nov. 5): Again, thoughts and prayers woke me hours before sunrise: thoughts of my grandchildren and prayers for their safety. We are a nation filled with thoughts and prayers, but little else. Politicians are especially good at offering thoughts and prayers as they arrive on scene, but caution us that now is not the time to talk about you know what. I'd like to see them take time to visit the morgue and view a child mutilated by bullets without losing their breakfast. No, that would take courage. All my thoughts and prayers are reserved for innocent children. Adults of voting age are on their own. They have the capacity and responsibility to do something about all this carnage at the voting booth. It only takes courage. Shall we prepare for new thoughts and prayers for the coming week? Month? Two months? Or is now not the time.

Anthony M. Villanueva, Folsom