Letters: Sacramento’s parking ticket debacle

Re “Sacramento has mistakenly issued nearly 4,000 parking meter tickets this year” (sacbee.com, Nov. 15) About five months ago, I parked my car by the Crocker Art Museum and fed the meter with quarters. Nevertheless, an “expired meter violation ticket” sat on my car’s windshield as I left the museum. The green light on the meter was blinking with a meter reading of 30 minutes remaining. I decided to challenge the ticket. The inconvenience and expense of filing a protest form, along with proof, is not mentioned in the article, nor is the suspense that follows while waiting for a response. I was told I would receive a response somewhere between 6 weeks to 6 months. I haven’t yet received a response. In the meantime, I have discouraged friends from going to downtown. A question that crossed my mind: Is the city that desperate to raise funds to pay for the Golden 1 Arena debt?

Samira Al-Qazzaz, Carmichael