Letters: GOP tax bill will hurt people with medical problems

Re “How bad is the GOP tax plan for California? Republicans don’t even like it” (Editorials, Nov. 4): I am writing to draw attention to the negative impact the Republican tax plan would have on chronically ill Americans. My family spends thousands of dollars on healthcare every year, even with insurance. This tax bill jeopardizes the medical deductions that we rely on to minimize some of that financial impact. It would also repeal the individual mandate that helps fund the Affordable Care Act, sending the entire healthcare industry into chaos. I fear that if this tax plan passes, we would no longer be able to afford our premiums. This would mean death for my father, who cannot survive without insulin, and a life of chronic pain for me. I urge my fellow Americans to stand up to the greed and disregard for human life our representatives displayed in creating this bill and show them that we will vote each of them out of office if they pass this bill.

Jonathan Kastin, Sacramento