Letters: Congress must not wait to protect ‘Dreamers’

Re “‘Dreamers’ must be saved, but not by Democrats holding government hostage” (Editorials, Dec. 7): Thank you to The Sacramento Bee’s Editorial Board for saying Congress should pass a legislative solution for dreamers before they lose protections from deportation. This is not a matter that can wait. With no action, beginning March 6, more than 1,700 people a day in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program will start falling out of status. Administrative actions could take months after the legislation has been enacted–months that tens of thousands of DACA recipients will be out of work and at risk of immediate deportation. Equally important, Congress will vote on a year-end budget bill by Dec. 22 that will include funding for immigration enforcement. If protections for dreamers are not passed this year, those funds will be used to deport dreamers who will lose protection from removal. That’s why it is urgent to get a permanent, bipartisan solution passed before the holidays.

Don Saylor, Davis, Yolo County supervisor