Letters: Sacramento Jazz Society should return to its musical roots

Back to roots

Re “Sacramento Music Festival canceled after 44 years” (sacbee.com, Dec. 18): Back in 1973, a group of jazz lovers started a music festival, and called it the Sacramento Dixieland Jubilee. It offered music that blended nicely into Old Sacramento's early 20th Century ambience. Over the years, it grew to become the largest jubilee anywhere, and its venues were spread all over town. But as did many great musical genres, it lost its appeal over time to new musical forms that rely heavily on amplification. So the Traditional Jazz Society, instead of sticking to its much-touted goal of preserving the genre, tried to become all things to young music lovers. Now the society is giving up on that experiment. Other forms that young folks call music can be found anywhere. Why come to Sacramento? Will the society just cease to exist? How about we return to the worthwhile 1973 goal and just run a nice little traditional jazz jubilee, confined to Old Sacramento, save Dixieland for a few more years, and let the rest of the music world do its thing elsewhere?

Ralph Hanson, Davis