Letters: The FBI and Department of Justice richly deserve our gratitude

Re “Trump criticizes FBI deputy director as he plans retirement” (sacbee.com, Dec. 23): For almost 50 years the FBI has been the premier law enforcement agency in the United States and has been widely respected by professionals around the world.

As an assistant United States attorney prosecuting a broad range of crimes, including fraud, drugs and even some national security cases, and now as an attorney who frequently interacts with the bureau in the defense of significant cases, I know that FBI agents from the very top to those working on the street are dedicated to their work and to the learning the truth when called into service.

They take immense pride in their work and deserve to do so because they are among the finest and bravest among us. So too have federal prosecutors in the Department of Justice earned enormous respect and admiration for their outstanding service to this country from those who work with and against them in our courts.

For that reason, it is tragic that various elected officials have begun to try to compromise that extraordinary reputation by attempting to undermine the FBI's and Justice Department's credibility in order to avoid careful scrutiny of their own conduct.

We all lose when politicians, even newly minted businessman-politicians, get away with such blatant and disgusting tactics. Those efforts are factually and morally wrong and will do damage to our criminal justice system for decades to come. We should not be denigrating the FBI and the DOJ. We should instead thank these brave and honest people for their service and let them do their jobs.

Malcolm Segal, Sacramento