Letters: Darrell Steinberg gets smacked for good deeds

Re “Mayor Steinberg dials for dollars differently than Kevin Johnson. Does that make it OK?” (Foon Rhee, Jan. 6): I’ve been a close observer of Mayor Darrell Steinberg for about 30 years, from the time he was first elected to the Sacramento City Council, through his stints in the Assembly and Senate and now as mayor. In that time, Steinberg has done some things I didn’t agree with. But soliciting $25,000 in private donations for the Boys &Girls Clubs of Greater Sacramento is not one of them. Nor do I find fault with him for soliciting $1.5 million from Sutter Health for the Steinberg Institute to improve mental health services, or going to private donors for the Unity Center. As Steinberg told The Sacramento Bee’s Foon Rhee in his own defense, “Non-profits struggle. They do a lot of crucial work that government can’t do enough of. It would be a mistake not to support these causes.” Rhee’s column questioning the mayor’s ethics is a classic example of the old adage: “No good deed ever goes unpunished.”

Ginger Rutland, Sacramento