Letters: Sacramento city council should embrace Curtis Village Safeway

Re “Sacramento City Council can reject Curtis Park gas station, fairly this time” (Editorials, Jan. 8): Jay Schenirer overstepped, plain and simple. That is not how our government is supposed to work. And the Bee then states: “The judge may have an unrealistic view of what politicians actually do.” If that is standard operator procedure for politicains, then I vote to get different ones. The Bee also states that advocating on behalf of a majority of his constituents is something good politicians try to do. My opinion is that fewer than 200 powerful Curtis Park residents went NIMBY and that the City Council was caught catering to thm. I have talked to several Curtis Park residents who really want the convenience of the Safeway. And the majority of Schenirer's constituents probably don't care. Developer Paul Petrovich is not easy to work with. However, that does not excuse illegal activity by the council. That should have been the point of your editorial rather than condoning the clear violation of overstepping.

Patrick Stiehr, Roseville