Letters: Donald Trump, horses and Michael Wolff’s ‘Fire & Fury’

Re “Bannon tries to make amends as aides defend Trump's fitness” (sacbee.com, Jan. 7): While perusing old copies of an Appaloosa horse magazine, the words Donald Trump and stable genius came over the radio. Naturally, that brought me up in my stirrups my first devilish thought being, yes, that renowned stable genius can shovel up a lode of horse droppings the equivalent of five ordinary meadow muffin shovelers. And simultaneously patrol the skies preventing airline calamities. Michael Wolff's book may be neither very fastidious or objective, but Trump has once again been hoisted on his own petard. He's the one who teased the public appetite for palace intrigue and the wicked accusatory. Has Trump met his match in this unspectacular bespectacled scribe whose claims are not likely to be blunted much by skeptical scrutiny given Wolff's improbable gift of credible sincerity in interviews?

Spencer P. Le Gate, Sacramento