Letters: Truth matters, Mr. Trump

Re “Trump: Why allow immigrants from 'shithole countries'?,” (sacbee.com, Jan. 11): After more than 2000 lies from this White House in a little less than a year, we are subjected to the shame of this president insulting the countries from which millions of our countrymen and their families originate. This public humiliation coming from the White House must end. Trump must be called out and his resignation or impeachment needs to happen post haste. I am ashamed to be an American if nothing can be done to stop this vulgar, dishonest, misogynistic racist tyrant. I have often averred that my member of Congress and my senators are on the side of the angels and find his behavior as unacceptable as I do. Thank you for your faithful and steadfast patriotism during these chaotic times.

Doriene Marshall, Davis