Letters: A train wreck in the making

Re “Trump: Why allow immigrants from 'shithole countries'?,” (sacbee.com, Jan. 11): I am a citizen and patriot of one of the greatest nations on earth. A nation, that until recently, was generally held in high esteem and respected by most other nations of the world. In the past, the United States has been instrumental in many multi-national agreements, treaties, and accords, intended to ensure the peace and well being of our world.

However, due to the reckless and irresponsible actions of one man, we as a nation have moved away from many of the very agreements and programs that were intended to provide a safe and environmentally sound future for our descendants. We have been led, again by one man, down a path of possible war, and programs that sacrifice our children's environmental and economic future for short term economic gains.

We now have other nations criticizing our country's actions, questioning the sanity and competence of our leadership, demanding apologies for demeaning and racist remarks, and in general, beginning to isolate themselves from the United States. Meanwhile, the president continues to obstruct justice, evade issues, act in a completely “un-presidential” fashion - with constant tweets and rants. And regardless that the general population strongly disagrees with most of his ideas and actions, plow ahead with his agenda.

There are many examples of this poor leadership, from obvious interaction of administration staff and family with the Russians, bending of facts, obstruction of justice, falsification of facts, up to to complete lies. As someone who constantly blames “fake news,” the president has been documented to be the most guilty of tweeting from twisted “facts” up to complete falsehoods.

I cannot condone the constant antagonizing of North Korea – with no regard as to what the possible consequences could mean for average citizens. Another example, I do not understand why the “tax cut” is not seen for what it is – a permanent benefit to business and wealthy, but only a temporary reduction for the working class. Eventually, the working class will actually pay more. Also, we as a nation, need to continue our health care plans aimed at low and middle class. I do not think health care should only to be for those wealthy enough to afford it. It seems though - as usual, the wealthiest will gain at the expense of the very class that is supporting the system – namely the working class.

Sadly, at this point,I am now embarrassed to be a part of this once great nation, and the way we are now viewed by the global community. There has been no “Make America Great Again,” rather an erosion of the middle class, increased racism, class division, and increasing isolation and alienation from our neighbor nations and business partners.

At this point, there is an utter apathy and a complete lack of action - not only the ruling body, but also of the general populace. There is a real lack of courage in our country today – whether due to fear of financial or legal reprisal, coercion or other reasons. However, as the train speeds towards the cliff, if we as a nation do not act, then we certainly deserve whatever happens. And at that point, no one should complain, as the majority did nothing to affect a change.

Eric Keith, Sacramento