Letters: Don’t confuse words

Re “Trump: Why allow immigrants from 'shithole countries'?,” (sacbee.com, Jan. 11): : People, particularly politicians and reporters, seem to want to confuse words and phrases which appear the same but which are, in fact, different. “Should we allow Haitian immigrants?” is not the same as “Do we need Haitian immigrants?” And it makes a difference which question we answer first.

If it’s true that all men are equal, an employer need only flip a coin if he has two applicants for the same job. Clearly, all men are not equal in anything other than their God given rights.

Similarly, immigrants from Norway are not equal to immigrants from Cameroon or India or Japan. Their inequality has nothing to do with the color of their skin. To assume that anyone who prefers immigrants from one nation over another is a racist is a simple or political display of ignorance.

John Paul, Carmichael