Letters: A Christmas Story in January for Kevin McCarthy

Why is Housing Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, the ever-present obsequious bootlicker, adjacent to President Donald Trump whenever the stable genius spouts off about how wonderful he is or about how racist he isn’t for the cameras? McCarthy ought to know that those they keep company with define people. Apparently, he wants to be like Trump, which may be the lowest aspiration in the history of life. But there’s an upside. Trump and McCarthy imitate art and remind one of the freckled faced playground bully, Scut Farkus, and his little right hand minion, Dill Grover, from “A Christmas Story.” Just picture it: Scut and Dill on the rampage in their leather jackets and newsboy hats, picking off individuals and families of color, the working poor, the middle class, women, Dreamers, immigrants who aren’t Wonder Bread white, National Parks, and countries and continents they deem unworthy. Now that’s a Christmas story for the ages. I do recall a pivotal scene in the movie that changed the trajectory. Ralphie, the seemingly hapless protagonist, reaches his saturation point and takes action in the form of a good ’ole fashioned beat down of Farkus, offering relief, peace and hope to all. Meanwhile, bug eyed Dill hits the bricks, double time, when Ralphie takes the reins from Farkus and shows everyone what he’s truly made of. Expect McCarthy to turn tail exactly like Dill Grover when Trump gets walloped in 2018 or, gasp, 2020 elections by all who know he amounts to nothing more than a bully whose best talents include scarfing KFC and Cyber bullying. Suddenly, I can’t wait for Christmas.

Angela F. Luna, Fair Oaks