Letters: Anne Marie Schubert has a conflict in the Sheriff Scott Jones matter

Re “Sheriff Scott Jones threw a verbal punch at the state auditor, but hit the DA too” (Marcos Breton, Jan. 14): The most chilling revelation in the debacle involving the State Auditor and Sheriff Scott Jones is the political culture of the District Attorney's office. Rather than seeking justice, serving justice, and doing justice, District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert has chosen to allow political relationships to play a role in her office's decision to review the case against Jones. It is certainly of note that the two elected county officials share a common campaign manager, Dave Gilliard. The responsible decision, from a neutral prosecutor who is committed to seeking justice, would be to declare a conflict of interest and have the California Attorney General investigate the matter to determine whether Jones any state laws. Noah Phillips, running against Schubert, should be applauded for pointing out the obvious conflict of interest.

Richard Ilharreguy, Sacramento