Letters: Love can trump politics

My partner and I, both in our 70s and widowers, are on opposite sides of the political spectrum. He is a Republican who voted for Donal Trump, and I have been waiting for 50 years for a woman candidate for president. Needless to say, Nov. 8, 2016, was a low blow for me. I could not believe an ill-qualified bully could win a vote from anyone and become president, thanks to the Electoral College, an 18th century invention, long past its due date. Anyway, the nightmare began. I marched last Jan. 20 and again this weekend against Trump's policies. My partner would have marched, too, with a Trump sign, but I discouraged that. Thankfully, I live in California where we value immigrants, education, health including the Affordable Care Act, and progressive ways. One would think my relationship has suffered, but we are in our 70s and can discuss most things like adults. Horrifying to think a friendship would dissolve on the basis of a difference of political opinion. As much as Trump's policies mystify and worry me, I can wish these four years will fly by, and we will again come to our senses in the US. My partner and I will still be OK.

Patricia Davis, Carmichael