Letters: Darrell Steinberg’s tiny houses plan

Re “Mayor Steinberg has a plan to build tiny houses, and lots of them” (Editorials, Jan. 23) Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg wants 1,000 small homes to shelter homeless people. It is great that Steinberg is starting new ways to house the homeless and is trying a different approaches. He is bringing this homelessness issue to the forefront and it is a place to start. There are many holes in the plan for the small homes such as how much it would cost and how long it will last, but giving a roof over their heads should be priority. Though the proposed multimillion dollar fund is a great idea, it is overly ambitious. There are too many things to be done and it is best to focus on a few related topics such as the homelessness and housing crisis rather than trying to attract new industries to Sacramento.

Amanda Lee, Sacramento