Letters: Why not barracks for homeless people?

Re “Mayor Steinberg has a plan to build tiny houses, and lots of them” (Editorials, Jan. 23): Raising taxes to build 1,000 individual small homes for the homeless is very generous. Will Sanctuary City Sacramento discriminate between citizens and illegal aliens when assigning tenants? Not doing so will attract more homeless. If the goal is to house as many people as possible in the most cost effective way, I recommend building 2-story barracks buildings. One barracks could contain bunk beds for the more transitory homeless. Another could contain individual rooms with lockable doors for people with Section 8 vouchers, older people, or families. Each barracks would have a common lavatory, air conditioner, dayroom, and a monitor. It is not unreasonable to require cleanliness, order, inspections, and a “lights-out” time in exchange for for free housing. Barracks are good enough for soldiers. Also, shared living Youth Hostels are good enough for travelers. A barracks should be good enough for the homeless.

Steven McKinney, Orangevale