Letters: Tiny houses would help, but questions remain

Re “Mayor Steinberg has a plan to build tiny houses, and lots of them” (Editorials, Jan. 23): I think it’s awesome that Mayor Darrell Steinberg wants to help homeless people. I work in Midtown Sacramento. I see countless homeless people with all of their belongings in a cart of some sort. It’s definitely a problem but I also think the mayor must look at all options and details. Small housing complexes would most likely not work as a permanent solution, and there would have to be more thought put into the situation as a whole as far as the next steps for the homeless. Before they begin spending millions on building mini-houses, there must be a solution for what the homeless would be doing while there. Will they be searching for jobs? Will there be any charges for them to pay? Who will feed them? Nonetheless, I definitely think there should be some type of improvement made in order to clean up the homeless population of Sacramento.

Lorenzo Barragan, Elk Grove