Letters: Why shouldn’t Kevin McCarthy’s wife, Judy, work?

Re “Why California Republicans are paying Kevin McCarthy’s wife” (sacbee.com, Jan. 30): What was the point of this article except to arouse ire toward House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and the GOP? There is an insinuation that there is something underhanded going on here. I see a woman who fairly competed for a position and was hired. She doesn't work under her husband in any way. I guess you could say the Republican connection shows some favoritism, but a job requirement included being Republican, so many people were eligible. The story says the McCarthy name might be an advantage in fund-raising, but I doubt she introduced herself as Kevin McCarthy’s wife. There are more than 77,000 McCarthys on LinkedIn. Probably people getting a call from her wouldn't make the connection. Many married people work in the same fields. It isn't wrong.

Jan Jones, Roseville