Letters: Kevin de León is being unfair to Sen. Tony Mendoza

Re “Kevin de León: Tony Mendoza proving he has ‘no decency’” (sacbee.com, Jan. 23): It’s interesting to see how certain elected officials turn to desperate measure to gain attention during election time. Such is the case with Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León. De León is milking the alleged allegations made in reference to Sen. Tony Mendoza, D-Artesia, hoping to be recognized across the state. What De León doesn’t realize is that he is becoming infamous for the treatment of his former roommate and for a total lack of respect for the residents of the 32nd Senate District, where I am a constituent. His comments about my senator were discourteous and disrespectful, and beneath the demeanor and character we would expect of someone in his position. De León and his henchmen are trying desperately to get some damage control for de León’s reputation in handling this fiasco, hoping to overcome Sen. Dianne Feinstein. To date we have seen a lack of due process for Mendoza, an unwillingness to subject other senators to the same treatment, in the hope of picking up additional votes from a particular demographic, and a total lack of respect for the residents of the 32nd Senate District.

Sonia Martin-Solis, Norwalk