Letters: Trump’s State of the Union address failed

Re “In State of the Union, President Trump says he wants to heal the nation he helped divide” (Editorials, Jan. 30): Donald Trump’s State of the Union address was a sharp contrast to his bark when taking the oath of office. He now sees a nation of promise and not a country with crime-ridden cities being invading by hordes of immigrants crossing an open border. He calls upon Congress to work cooperatively across party lines, but has urged changes in Senate rules to enact laws without need for Democrat votes. He spoke about the benefits he wants to provide Americans, but his budget choices enrich the wealthiest and resurrect the trickle-down facade. While corporate stocks explode in value, job growth in 2017 was lower than in Barack Obama’s presidency. His policies to apply tariffs and end multinational agreements run counter to sound economic practices, reducing beneficial exports and jobs, and allowing others to replace U.S. influence in world markets. Trump destroys the village to save it.

Dan Fong, Rancho Cordova