Letters: Regina Bateson is the best choice against Rep. Tom McClintock

Re “Letters: An endorsement for Jessica Morse, not Tom McClintock” (Letters, Feb. 1): The race is hearing up for the congressional seat held by Rep. Tom McClintock, R-Elk Grove. My vote goes to Regina Bateson. Why? Bateson is a political scientist with a degree from Stanford and a doctorate from Yale. She has worked as a foreign service officer with the U.S. State Department. If elected, Bateson would be the only congressperson who has worked as a foreign service officer. Regina Bateson gave up a tenure-track position at MIT to run for Congress. She made this decision because she cares about the people in Congressional District 4 and all Americans. She is brilliant yet humble, a good listener and a creative problem solver. She is determined yet practical. Bateson’s grass roots campaign is taking off. She has more than 700 volunteers. The majority of her donations have come from within our district and has received no outside political action committee. Jessica Morse, on the other hand, has received much of her funding from wealthy out of district donors. In my personal experience, Jessica is far better at tooting her own horn than listening. Local donations translate into local votes. We need the strongest, the wisest, and most ethical candidate to beat McClintock. I urge voters to get to know Regina Bateson. You won’t be disappointed.

Ann Bowler, Loomis