Letters: Devin Nunes’ memo is a partisan Republican ploy to derail Robert Mueller

Re “President Trump and Devin Nunes put politics above America’s security and institutions” (Editorials, Feb. 1): The House Intelligence Committee’s memo is sloppy. It claims Christopher Steele’s “dossier” on Donald Trump was an essential part of the Carter Page FISA Court renewal, but offered no evidence at all for that claim. Instead, the memo wanders to an unsubstantiated critique of the dossier and Steele’s press connections and to irrelevant emails related to Trump by FBI agent Pete Strzok (fired by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. These matters are unrelated to the FISA warrants for Page, who had been under FBI scrutiny since 2013 for his connections with Russian spies, one of whom was later jailed for his activity. This partisan Republican memo ends abruptly without any clear or supportable conclusions. Trump lies about its importance. Finally, the memo clearly has nothing to do with appropriately protecting Americans from FISA surveillance or FBI malfeasance. It is another desperate effort by the Trump to stop Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation.

Chuck McIntyre, Sacramento