Realtors run against real estate mogul Trump

A Jack Ohman classic, part of his Pulitzer Prize-winning entry.
A Jack Ohman classic, part of his Pulitzer Prize-winning entry. johman@sacbee.com

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We’re Donald Trump-heavy today, and so is the news, now that the GOP front-runner is gracing California with his presence. But there’s more: the Kings’ weird decision to tattoo their fans; Prince’s apparent overdose; the Legislature’s effort to give a gift horse to the horse racing industry; and Sacramento mayoral candidate Angelique Ashby.

As Trump, the real estate mogul, descends on California, you’d think the aspiring moguls in the California Realtors Association would be there to welcome him. Instead, the Realtors’ independent expenditure committee is mailing voters an especially unflattering photo of Trump with words, “The Problem,” followed by the words, “The solution.”

“The best response to Republican Donald Trump’s campaign of hatred and bigotry is to elect strong progressive Democrats to public office,” the Realtors mailer said, on behalf of Ardy Kassakhian, who is running for an Assembly seat in the heavily Armenian Glendale area. The Realtors neglect to say that four Democrats are running, all of whom undoubtedly oppose Trump. We’ll see if Realtors know how to close a deal.

Take a number: $469,908

Since the beginning of his campaign, Trump has spent $469,908 on various Trump brands, including $1,053 on wine sold under the label of his son, Eric, $283,000 for Trump office space in New York, and various other Trump hotels, his Federal Election Commission reports show. There is no Trump property in Burlingame, where he will be today.

Our take:

Editorial: Legislators and casino interests smell money with online gambling bill.

Editorial: If Prince died of an overdose on prescription drugs, as reported, his death could serve as the biggest wake-up call yet that opioid addiction is a public health crisis.

Jenifer Warren: The Sacramento Kings’ tattoo stunt is a sign of desperation, not loyalty.

Their take:

The (San Jose) Mercury News endorses Democrat Madison Nguyen, a San Jose city councilwoman who grew up in a family of Vietnamese refugees, to fill the Assembly seat being vacated by termed-out Nora Campos.

Debra J. Saunders of The San Francisco Chronicle warns that college tuition will become even more expensive if Democrats somehow manage to make more of it “free.”

Adam B. Summers of the Press Enterprise in Riverside checks out the California Correctional Peace Officers’ latest deal and writes: “Chalk up another victory for the public employee unions against the taxpayers.”


Charles Krauthammer: The world according to Trump.

Dana Milbank: Trump’s crazy attempt not to sound crazy.

Gail Collins: Trump deals the woman card.

Side take:

The Sacramento City Council plans to hire the replacement for John Shirey and have that person in place before his contract expires Nov. 18. But the next mayor won’t take office until December.

If Darrell Steinberg wins the mayor’s race – especially if he wins outright in June – he will be involved in the selection process, but he won’t have a vote. His main rival, Councilwoman Angelique Ashby, will have a vote and a role no matter what.

Steinberg and Ashby agreed in The Sacramento Bee’s editorial board interviews that the next mayor and city manager must work well together, which has not always been the case with Mayor Kevin Johnson and Shirey. The candidates are right: If the city’s top elected official and top administrator aren’t on the same page, it makes it much more difficult to make quick progress on key issues. As we opined earlier this year, the new mayor must be involved in the decision. – Foon Rhee @foonrhee

And finally ...

Off to Burlingame and the California Republican Party convention.