Making the call on Hillary Clinton, and that super team

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Hillary Clinton’s emails dominated opinion chatter, but perhaps her biggest asset remains her opponent. In deep red Oklahoma, The Oklahoman, that state’s largest paper, attacked Donald Trump’s trade stance, as Sooners focused on what matters, Kevin Durant’s departure to Golden State.

Take that

Hillary Clinton should have had a great day campaigning with President Barack Obama in the swing state of North Carolina on Tuesday. But FBI Director James B. Comey had some unfinished business to discuss.

As secretary of state, Clinton was extraordinarily careless with her email, Comey told the nation. She did not commit a crime, but she risked national security by not using secure government email servers. And so Clinton opened herself for the barrage:

John Fund in The National Review writes that the FBI has proved that almost everything Hillary Clinton has said about the matter is, in fact, untrue; the only way she could get a security clearance now is by getting elected president.

The Mercury News of San Jose says Clinton should have known that an unclassified system was no place for that conversation.

The Baltimore Sun was somewhat forgiving, urging the country to move onto “more serious issues of character, temperament and policy.”

The L.A. Times says Comey outlined a persuasive case against indicting Clinton, but the decision isn’t his to make.

The Sacramento Bee’s take is that Clinton didn’t commit a crime but displayed terrible judgment on emails.

In her defense, her opponent’s judgment on so many issues is so questionable that her blunder pales by comparison.

Take a number: $54.3 million

Sacramento Kings, welcome to official invisible-kid-brother status. (Ask Seth Curry. He knows what we’re talking about.)

That super team in Oakland? It just got exponentially more super with the addition of Kevin Durant to the already formidable lineup of Stephen Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson. The former Oklahoma City forward signed a two-year, $54.3 million deal with the Golden State Warriors. All four players are All-Stars in the prime of their careers.

“Dynasty” is the word being thrown about in the Bay Area. Here in Sacramento? Well, at least we have a super new arena. – Erika D. Smith @Erika_D_Smith

Our take

Editorial: Don’t make conserving water a thing of the past.

Dan Walters: Gov. Jerry Brown will try an end run to extend the state’s war on carbon.

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ Soapbox: The Democratic Party platform needs to be significantly improved by the full Platform Committee meeting in Orlando on Friday and Saturday.

Dorothy Rothrock and Rob Lapsley’s Soapbox: Before approving Fran Pavley’s Senate Bill 32, the Legislature ought to increase its oversight of climate policy.

Linda Asato’s Soapbox: California must increase access to child care.

Their take

San Francisco Chronicle: Jerry Brown takes middle road on guns.

L.A. Times: Boycotts of Israel are a protected form of free speech.

News & Observer of Raleigh: Because of HB 2, North Carolina has lost thousands of potential jobs, millions of dollars in conventions, conferences and concerts are gone, and the National Basketball Association seems likely to move the 2017 All-Star Game out of Charlotte. We’ll take it.

Miami Herald: The issue is not that Donald Trump has been stingy, although he has made no charitable bequests to his foundation since 2008. The issue is the cavernous gulf between his words and deeds.

The Oklahoman of Oklahoma City: Donald Trump faces criticism in reliably Republican Oklahoma because it stands to lose plenty with Trump’s trade policies.

Syndicates’ take

Ruben Navarrette: FBI sees Clinton through the looking glass.

Kathleen Parker: For whom Trump tolls?

Trudy Rubin: Having flubbed the 2015 immigration crisis, the EU now must make a firm case that it can secure Europe’s borders.

David Brooks: Without much enthusiasm, many voters seem to be flocking to tough, no-nonsense women who at least seem sensible: Angela Merkel, Hillary Clinton and, now, the Conservative Party front-runner, Theresa May.

Tweet of the day

John Weaver, John Kasich’s campaign manager, ‏@JWGOP: “Kasich: Delegates should search their consciences before voting in Cleveland”