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One of the biggest social issues of the 21st century concerns retiring workers who are not financially secure. Last Sunday’s Conversation, “The pressing need for security in retirement” (Forum, June 14), explored the problem. We asked: How should government create better retirement security for those who don’t have defined pension plans? Or, do you think government should have a role?


Don’t count on the government

Why have more government involvement in matters of our future? Government has failed to get this done for years. What people need is their own security. Use the free enterprise system and run our own lives. Dependency on the government has led to a socialistic, complacent mentality that has people hunting for ways the government can help them.

Barry Williams, Mather

Phillip Larrea – Re-characterize Social Security as a pension plan with the same assumed rate of return as public pension plans – 7.75 percent – and separate it from the general federal budget.

Usha Paul Macgarvey – Providing the kind of security described in the article would require taxing the rich who control the politicians who would tax them, so that is not possible. For the first time in history, the American people have been persuaded to vote against their own self-interest to support plutocrats who despise them.

John Keyes – Government should stay out of it. Let the individuals work on their own retirement.

David Karoly – Whatever happened to the citizens of this country working together toward a common good?

Doug Saucedo – Raise the cap on Supplemental Security Income to $250,000. See Bernie Sanders’ plan for more details.

Damian Lammers-Sagastume – I am a married man who is the sole income for my family of six. I am a teacher at a private school, and even I can find a way to put money in my IRA. It’s called making a budget. It can be done.