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The Conversation feedback: Democrats and Republicans haven’t figured out how to talk to women

The importance of women voters should be clear to political parties. Last week’s Conversation, “Democrats and Republicans haven’t figured out how to talk to women,” pointed out that the majority of voters are women and they vote at a higher rate than men, but the political messages delivered to women are “marginalizing and condescending.” Instead of focusing on the issue of reproductive rights, candidates should deal with financial insecurity, equal pay, affordable child care, good schools and health care.

We asked the question: How should political parties modernize and modify their core messages and methods to communicate with women about issues women really care about?

From Facebook

Nicole Maron – The real issue is for (political parties) to actually prioritize and follow through on policymaking which supports us as well as men in being healthy, well-educated and financially secure: Policymaking which doesn’t try to control our bodies nor deny us a fair wage; policymaking that acknowledges the fact that discrimination based on race, sexual preference and gender still widely exists and directly results in socio-economic disparity; policymaking that reflects the understanding that a more representational democracy is both inevitable and good, and that the slavish devotion to corporate interests over us must end; policymaking that respects, protects and expands both basic human rights and real paths for all Americans to prosperity.

Mercy Baylis – Frankly, both individual party’s leaders and those that hold elected offices need to have more diversity, i.e. more women and minorities. Right now, Congress is not representative of what the United States looks like.

Curtis Vandermolen – The premise of this article is fatally flawed in the same way that the news sources perpetuate false stereotypes. Others in this thread have said it. Women have the same core issues as men. It is only media and unprincipled politicians that continue to try and conquer the electorate through division.

Men and women care about providing the basic necessities for their families. Men and women care about having a little extra to enjoy life with. Men and women care about being healthy. Men and women care about their safety and security. And above all, men and women care about their freedom.

We will have a better government when we realize that government’s attempts to divide us against each other (while promising benefits to each group) weaken our collective voice.

Kriszti Meszaros Mendonca – 1. Democrats are much better for women. Look up the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act to start. Think about the right to decide what happens with your body. 2. We are completely underrepresented in Congress, minorities even more so. Of the 24 billionaires financing most elections, how many are women? I think they are all old white guys.

Carrie Astorino – I think most women’s priorities are safety, security, personal freedom, and enough education, food, jobs, housing and opportunities for themselves and their loved ones.

Paula Yokoyama – Talk to men and women about jobs, taxes, gas prices, home loans, food prices, IRS snooping, cyberprivacy, etc. These are the issues we all care about.