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The Conversation / Electric vehicles

Last Sunday’s Conversation about the changes made to Senate Bill 350, a bill that would have forced a 50 percent reduction in gasoline use by 2030, asked: What is your view of electric vehicles and potential competition between the oil industry and electric companies?


Dreaming of more electric vehicles

Re “Imagine electric utilities as disrupters” (Forum, Dan Morain, Sept. 20): Dan Morain let me know the new world will come. I had no idea that Senate Bill 350 included language that will speed up the construction of charging stations for our Ford C-Max Energi and allow us to plan to go fully electric sooner than we thought.

We cannot afford a Tesla and need to drive 200-plus miles once or twice a month, which has limited us to hybrids.

With the electric utilities seeing electric transportation as a growth industry, my dream may come true before I die. I dream of smog-free cities and being able to see Mount Whitney in the winter from Highway 99, as I did in 1955.

Diane Heinzer,


The Bee gives us the back story

Thanks to Dan Morain for using his usual intellect and insight to dig deeply into an obscure but fascinating behind-the-scenes battle over Senate Bill 350. He and Dan Walters are journalism jewels who find, investigate and write the back stories. Those truths are hidden by our elected representatives as they pursue their personal ideologies and the goals of the special interests/lobbyists.

Dr. Alan J. Frueh, Sacramento

How many EVs by 2030?

This column makes me think: What will one-fourth of all vehicles powered by electricity by 2030 mean? And what about the electricity to power these vehicles? Just a few things to consider.

It is doable, but maybe we won’t get quite as many EVs on the road by then.

Jim Lerner, Sacramento

Steve Holderness – Excellent discussion. I find it interesting that these electric companies are looking at transportation as a growth opportunity. If I recall my history, weren’t these companies founded partially in that premise? L.A.’s red cars come to mind.