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The Conversation: Unorthodox campaign

Many readers believe the media has spent too much time covering Donald Trump’s campaign for president.
Many readers believe the media has spent too much time covering Donald Trump’s campaign for president. The Associated Press

Last Sunday’s Conversation, “We’re heading into warp drive” (Forum, Feb. 28), about the presidential primaries asked: This has been an unorthodox campaign. What aspects do you like? What would you change?


Even conservatives are bewildered

I don’t ever recall reading so many columns written by journalists of the Republican elite – David Brooks, Michael Gerson, George Will and National Review contributors – that discredit all of their leading candidates for president. These people value logic and substance but find a near total absence of these characteristics in the candidates’ campaigns.

Instead, their electorate has selected their primary sources of information to be purveyors of conspiracies, conservative militias and secessionists. While Democrats are also dismayed to see Republicans rally to such candidates, the historical core of reputable Republicans is totally bewildered.

Dan Fong,

Rancho Cordova

Take some advice from an old geezer

I am an old geezer, 82 years old. I am not a Mensa member or a political pundit. I have been male all my life. In short, I am not qualified to give political advice to anyone. But I would ask voters, particularly young Republican women, which of the presidential candidates:

▪ Would actively support equal pay for equal work for women?

▪ Would work to allow a woman to make choices about her own body instead of leaving those decisions to old, white congressmen?

▪ Would let women who have passed the same mental and physical qualifications as their male counterparts to volunteer for real combat roles in our military?

▪ Would establish a universal and equitable Family Leave Plan?

▪ Would promote access to effective birth control, rather than eliminating clinics, to reduce the number of abortions?

Which of the candidates would do that?

Bud Getty, Sacramento

Kim Levingston – I didn’t like any aspects of this campaign because Donald Trump is outright disrespectful. I can’t take anything he says seriously because of the ugliness that spews from his mouth.

Vanessa Garcia – Too much emphasis on Donald Trump and not enough on others. The best way to make something go away is to ignore it. The media is doing the opposite and feeding the frenzy. … The media is creating a monster.

Phoebe Bolduc Crais – The saddest part of this circus is that there is a reasonable adult Republican who would have been a descent candidate, John Kasich, but it seems wacko is the flavor of the year for the GOP.

Brigitte Reed – I’m tired of all of the emphasis on Trump. The media is focused on him because he is a train wreck. I would like to see more focus placed on the other GOP candidates so that people had a better idea of what they are like. There are other candidates in the GOP race that are much better suited to presidency than Donald Trump.

Steve Deal – It is rather pathetic that as a nation of 300 million people, the best we can get are far right or far left.

Sue Dillon – So many politicians come out so righteous, promising the people everything under the sun. With Trump, what you see is what you get, take it or leave it. So like him or not, at least he has America talking and getting involved.

Ronald Cole Jr. – Trump is telling it like it is, but he should be more tactful while doing so. Other great presidents did, so can he.

Lisa Navarro – Unorthodox? Well that’s the understatement of the year. Trump sexualizes his daughter; Cruz’s wife gets messages from God – it’s a freaking three-ring circus, except all these nut jobs want to run our country. These are scary times.