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Conversation / Donald Trump

Readers have mixed reactions about what a Donald Trump presidency would do for America.
Readers have mixed reactions about what a Donald Trump presidency would do for America. The Associated Press

Last Sunday’s Conversation asked: What’s the best that could happen to this country if Donald Trump is elected president?


If Trump wins, we’re heading downhill

Re “Can Donald Trump really save America?” (Forum, March 20): If Donald Trump wins the presidency, there will be no best that can happen. It will only be downhill from there.

Sharon Phippen, Orland

Can he save us from people like him?

I wonder if Donald Trump can save the country from people like himself: ultra-rich and full of themselves.

Ed Stanley, Sacramento

Don’t ignore the elephant in room

Re “Considering the impact, damage of a Trump candidacy” (Forum, March 20): Bill Burton’s commentary was spot on. He writes: “Trump is compelled to humiliate his opposition with a level of clinical histrionics that suggests he has no control over his emotions.” We must have a president who is physically healthy and equally so mentally.

History has had many leaders – Napoleon, Hitler, Saddam Hussein – who were grandiose, paranoid, irrational tyrants who were clinically insane. The United States cannot tolerate this type of leader. Do not ignore the elephant in the living room.

Harry Edelstein, Chico

The people are voting for Trump

The “silent majority” stays hidden during good times and only comes out when they sense the country going in the wrong direction. The silent majority is coming out of its shell. It has taken a look at a different presidential candidate. Donald Trump has stirred the pot by saying what the “silent majority” is thinking. He is filling a void that they think should be filled.

Americans are selecting the candidate they think who can make America great. The media sees Trump only through its liberal shade of sunglasses.

Russ Brown, Carmichael

Kevin Knauss – The Obama presidency showed that only when the president’s party controlled Congress could any nation-changing legislation be enacted. If the GOP keeps Congress under a President Donald Trump, then we’ll see laws passed that attempt to usurp the Constitution.

George Robert Smith – Donald Trump appears to be the best chance America has to regain its leadership position in the world. America’s military must be brought to full strength, the border enforcement agencies allowed to do their jobs. Negotiations with other nations must benefit America, not just foreign nations.

Robert Fredrick Royer – I would love to have Donald Trump as president, but he does need to rethink his wording and tone it down some.

Dennise Walker – I worry more about what would happen to this country if Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders were to win.

Brian Smith – We could win a Democrat House and Senate for start.

Joel Uher – Donald Trump will make it possible for Hillary Clinton to easily become elected our next president. Although she has high negatives, Trump has the highest negatives of any person who has run for president since George Wallace.

Rick LaBonte – Donald Trump can save America from the left-wing extremists who are destroying this country with primitive tribal identity politics. Haters and bigots who are portraying Trump as some kind of monster are not just smearing Trump, they also hate the people who support him.