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Last Sunday’s Conversation asked: What is the best way to revive a strong Latino movement in the Sacramento region? “Latino political giant may awaken,” Mariel Garza, Feb. 1)

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Karen Campbell – Sacramento’s problem is that we are too integrated. Every race lives in every ZIP code. Therefore, there is no one congressional or Assembly district that has a large enough Latino population to guarantee a Latino is elected from that district.

Josh Garrett – How about we elect who we think is qualified for the job and not elect based on ethnicity.

Quitall Lester – Labels belong on clothes.

Brigitte Reed – Register to vote and actually vote.

E.B. George – Way too much labeling and assigning labels and determining diagnosis. America is a land of people.

Audrey Jimenez-Steele – Why does the media stir the pot all the time? Stop focusing on skin color. If we want to be equal, then let’s be equal.

Donna Jackson – It’s not about race, it’s about who best qualifies for the office and will do right for the community and the people.

Paul Wick – Sacramento needs to add an at-large City Council seat, as there is no Latino neighborhood with which to create a Latino majority district. The first Latino councilman was elected at-large back in the late ’60s.

Janice Teruko Temple – Get them interested.

Carlos Hernandez – Clearly state the issues that Latinos seek to improve. Like education and jobs and business development in our communities. Then recruit the next generation of leaders who have a selfless passion for creating change by being an elected official who is being held accountable by the citizens who voted her in. We must engage young people.

Paula Yokoyama – The best way is to seek out GOP Hispanics who have values like middle-class Americans do. Someone who cannot spend more than they make, is honest, cares about families, won’t keep raising taxes for social programs that never seem to help the folks they are aimed for, but help the people administrating them. Hispanics want the same things other Americans do.