Jack Ohman

OR-7: Watch out! The wolf is at the door!

As many of you know, I have become the alter ego to OR-7, the peripatetic wolf who cruises between California and Oregon. While I am not in personal contact with OR-7, I consider myself OR-7's part-time media consultant. 

OR-7 is now back in Oregon, after having spent a few months in the Golden State. There was sad news this week when it was announced that OR-5, OR-7's sister, was killed in a steel-jawed trap in Idaho.

Now, having lit up the state of Texas, I really don't want to get into it with Idaho. One state per week, please. 

But every morning I get up and think, "I hope OR-7 stays out of Idaho."

Idaho has many lovely qualities. It has great vistas, wonderful fishing, and potatoes (Famous Potatoes, in point of fact). But it also is filled with people who want to kill OR-7, and his other OR and non-OR buddies.

I understand that wolves kill livestock and so on. But I wish that Idaho, like many other states, would stop with the steel-jawed traps. Can you imagine how painful and agonizing this is for a being with a highly developed nervous system? I'm not anti-hunting at all, but at least in hunting, it's over quickly. With a steel-jawed trap, the game, intended or not,  squirms around violently for hours or days before succumbing to bleeding, shock, or starvation. 

Would you do that to your dog or cat? 

I wouldn't.

So, listen up, OR-7. Stay in Oregon. It's a lovely state where you've got good PR advice, not to mention a few people who have your back. Even a cartoonist. We will send you some Idaho potatoes, too. They are tasty and a fine Idaho export. 

We wish you safe journeys, and are sorry about your sister.

In fact, you should come back to California.

Specifically, Sacramento.

We've got this farm-to-fork thing going, and you may enjoy many of the wonderful restaurants Sacramento has to offer. You may find that there are many tender, plump lobbyists and succulent, juicy legislators on the menu.