Thank you, Kevin McCarthy + Reckoning continues + Roy Moore raises money

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Thank you, Kevin

The federal government could shut down just before Christmas. The GOP’s tax deal is being shoved down California’s throat, thank you, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy. And all 14 House Republicans from California did the NRA a solid by voting to strip California of its right to regulate guns. H.R. 38, which heads to the Senate, would require states with strict gun control laws, such as California, to honor permits to carry concealed firearms issued by states that have no standards. Thanks again, Kevin McCarthy and the other 13 NRA allies from California. Looking at you, Reps. Tom McClintock, Jeff Denham and Doug LaMalfa.

The reckoning

U.S. Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., and Reps. John Conyers, D-Mich., and Trent Frank, R-Ariz., quit amid #MeToo allegations, although our good friend, the blissfully retired Ginger Rutland decried the “sanctimonious claptrap and false indignation” that forced Franken out. Ginger recalls the time when women regularly harassed young Jerry Brown, when he had all his hair. Contributor Bill Whalen urged Brown to make a bold stand against harassment in his State of the State speech. We think that’s unlikely.


Assemblyman Matt Dababneh had lawyered up and hired a crisis communications firm as he denied having masturbated in front of lobbyist Pamela Lopez in a Las Vegas restroom in 2016, and harassing women when he was district director for Rep. Brad Sherman, the San Fernando Valley Democrat. Late on Friday, he announced he was quitting.

‘Best’ practices

Sen. Tony Mendoza, D-Artesia, was stripped of his committee assignments amid accusations that he invited young women to his various rooms. Showing no signs of quitting, Mendoza advertised in the Senate Daybook, which lists of goings on about the Capitol, for a legislative director: “Must have knowledge of the legislative process, as well as the structure and policies of state government; the Senate's personnel rules, policies, and best practices pertaining to supervising, sexual harassment and EEO.” What would best practices be, senator?

Worry globally

Along with columnist Thomas L. Friedman, we fret that the Middle East will be less stable now that President Donald Trump has declared his intention of moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. Don’t get us started on North Korea.

Act locally

We were appalled that Sacramento city and county bickered over lead contaminating lawns in Mangan Park near a city-owned gun range. They need to clean up the lead first and determine who pays later. We also were stunned that San Joaquin County Sheriff Steve Moore tried to bully his pathologists. Does he know his chief medical officer is Dr. Bennet Omalu? Did he see “Concussion”?

Hope magically

In the first vote to start impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump, 58 Democrats supported the move, including 12 Californians – Rep. Jerry McNerney of Stockton and Mark DeSaulnier of Concord among them. House Democratic Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco called the resolution a distraction and premature. For now.

Roy Moore’s money

Speaking of the Great Divide, Judge Roy Moore’s latest campaign finance report shows he raised $525,097 in donations of $200 or more in the 14 days between the Washington Post’s first story about his sexual proclivities and Nov. 22, the last day covered by the report. In the 14 days preceding the Post’s first story, he raised a mere $189,314 in increments of $200 or more.

Senate giants

As our nation looks to Alabama, Jack Ohman offered up a classic last week: As Al Franken departs, Roy Moore looms above national’s Capitol and declares: “Make way for the next Giant of the Senate.” What have we become?