Congratulations, Mr. Calderon

Assemblyman Ian Calderon, D-Whittier
Assemblyman Ian Calderon, D-Whittier hamezcua@sacbee.com

Not to tear his special day asunder, but we wish Assemblyman Ian Calderon had put two and two together when he was planning to say “I do.”

Calderon got married earlier this month in Hollywood in a ceremony officiated by former Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez. Calderon and his bride, who evidently have a well-stocked home, offered doggerel on their wedding registry:

“To save you shopping, sit back and rest. A gift of currency is our request. Don’t go overboard or rob any banks. Any little thing will make us smile with thanks.”

We are great fans of the institution of marriage, and know there is a long tradition of giving newlyweds well-stuffed envelopes. But if you’re an assemblyman, you probably shouldn’t solicit cash, especially if your wedding guests include lobbyists and other well-wishers who have a stake in how you vote.

Uncle Ron Calderon faces federal charges of accepting cash bribes during his time as a state senator.

You definitely should not ask for cash if your uncles are Tom and Ron Calderon, who face federal corruption charges, and if Uncle Ron is accused of accepting cash bribes as a state senator.

From Hawaii, where he was honeymooning and surfing, the Whittier Democrat and Long Beach State surf team alumnus tweeted that he had asked the invited lobbyists not give him gifts, and they complied, reports LA Weekly, which first wrote about the nuptials.

Inveterate romantics that we are, we toast the happy couple: To long lives, much happiness, and campaign finance records that don’t conflict with the thank-you notes.