Election Endorsements

Kozlowski would be a thoughtful addition to Board of Supervisors

Mike Kozlowski, a well-spoken and thoughtful first-time candidate, is our choice to succeed retiring Sacramento County Supervisor Roberta MacGlashan.

Vacancies don’t come up often on the Board of Supervisors. Those elected to the board typically stay there. Supervisors have enormous clout on issues that directly determine the quality of life in the county, overseeing development in unincorporated areas, child welfare services, mental health care and much more, including some budgetary control over the Sheriff’s Department. Voters in the 4th Supervisorial District have a chance in this race to make a real impact.

MacGlashan’s successor should be forward-looking, care about economic development across the county, support social services (including more care for mentally ill and homeless people) and be able to work with the four veteran supervisors. Kozlowski, a builder and high school track coach who lives in Folsom, could be such a leader.

MacGlashan, who is retiring after 12 years in office, has endorsed Kozlowski, as has District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert, among others. Schubert and MacGlashan provide important seals of approval.

Kozlowski’s opponent, Sue Frost, is more of a known quantity, having served a term on the Citrus Heights City Council. But while both candidates are conservative, her politics are more ideologically rigid, and she has been endorsed by Gun Owners of California and Republican organizations, though the office is nonpartisan.

In our view, Kozlowski, also a Republican, would be a better advocate for the residents and more closely reflect voters’ values in the gerrymandered 4th Supervisorial District, which includes Antelope, Orangevale, Citrus Heights, Rancho Murieta, Rio Linda and Folsom.

Kozlowski is the choice of the pro-development Region Business organization, a group with which he is active. Although he is pro-development, Kozlowski pledged in an interview with The Sacramento Bee’s editorial board that he would adhere to the county’s blueprint for growth and oppose the leap-frog development that has too often scarred the county. Voters should hold him to that promise.

Leaders also have a responsibility to let voters know where they stand on relevant issues. Kozlowski said he will vote for Measure B, the sales tax hike that would underwrite transportation projects crucial to the district’s constituents and the economy of the region. Frost refused to say how she will vote on the measure. Why be coy?

Kozlowski also says he would support more spending on mental health care and shelter for homeless people. He believes additional money could come not from more taxes but rather from economic development and reducing some of the unnecessary hurdles to getting various permits.

In the June primary, we endorsed Folsom City Councilwoman Kerri Howell. She fell short, but the choice between the two candidates who made the runoff is clear. As we see it, Kozlowski would be an energetic and effective advocate, would be more representative of the 4th District’s values, and would deploy reason and pragmatism to get the county’s work done.