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Sex registry, porn lawsuits, con artist, Kings shuttle

Proposition 60 would allow litigation to force the adult film industry to use condoms on porn sets.
Proposition 60 would allow litigation to force the adult film industry to use condoms on porn sets. Sacramento Bee file

A sex registry for life for teens?

Re “Lifetime registry for sex assaults may be revisited” (Capitol & California, Sept. 11): Two teenagers experiment with normal sexual curiosity, foreplay and intercourse. No alcohol or using drugs. Just using organically produced hormones. After a year or so, one turns 18. Oops, now we have a criminal who will be registered for life as a sex offender – tainted for a lifetime.

California is one of only four states in the nation that has a lifetime requirement for all registrants. Forty-six states have tiered registries that allow registrants to stop registering in as little as 10 years. Time to evolve and stop using valuable legal California resources on nonviolent “normal” teenage behavior.

Jaclyn Morrison, Antelope

Offering bounties, inviting lawsuits

Re “How hardcore do we want to be in policing porn” (Editorials, Sept. 12): A primary reason for The Bee editorial board’s opposition to Proposition 60 raises a bigger issue. Citing the proposition’s too free allowance to file lawsuits, the editorial states “surely we aren’t so far gone that we want to start offering bounties and inviting frivolous lawsuits.”

This is exactly what allows the drive-by lawsuits that imperil so many businesses with essentially extortion demands by private attorneys alleging Americans with Disabilities Act violations: California’s “Private Right of Action.”

This anti-business policy of our state allows any private attorney to sue for mere alleged violations of a state regulation without any existence of personal harm to anyone. The extortion comes in when the suit is abandoned for a cash payment to the attorney.

This injustice is not well understood and we would be well served if The Bee would expand on its opposition to state sanctioned legal bounties and frivolous lawsuits.

Roger Niello, Fair Oaks

Can you spot the con artist?

Re “Trump’s charity runs on few of his own dollars” (Page 6A, Sept. 11): Many of Donald Trump supporters acknowledge that they know Trump has used bankruptcy to save himself money (by stiffing his contractors); and other chicanery, such as the no-value Trump University to build his fortune, but they support him anyway.

Those same Trump supporters explain that we need a president who knows how to make sharp deals, because he’ll use those skills to benefit them economically. Now we learn that Trump misleads charities into donating to his foundation and regifts the money to other charities while claiming that it’s his personal donation.

All I can think of is the “Fly-by-Night” Comedy Club in Anchorage, Alaska, where the motto is: “We cheat the other guy and pass the savings on to you!”

James Forbes, Gold River

Finally, help to get to Kings games

Re “Shuttle to ferry fans from Roseville to Kings games” (Page 4A, Sept. 13): Roseville and Yolo County have come up with a stellar idea to save fans money, ease traffic and parking congestion downtown and just plain be a service to fans.

For $15 roundtrip, you can take a bus to the games and not worry about parking. What a deal. Just think if every town joined in – Rocklin, Granite Bay, Carmichael, Fair Oaks, etc.

How much nicer it would make the trip downtown to the new arena.

Irene Stadt, Carmichael

Be thankful for ‘Mistletoe Village’

Re “It should be called ‘Mistletoe Village’ ” (Letters, Sept. 12): Ken Stephens characterization of the McKinley Village project as “a disaster” and “parasite on East Sacramento” is a classic example of “I have mine, you can’t have yours.”

Look at a map of East Sacramento and you can see this is a very small addition to the number of homes in the neighborhood. Furthermore, it’s an excellent example of utilizing land within the city that mitigates urban sprawl into farm, ranch and environmentally sensitive land. It would also make a very nice and convenient city dump. Be thankful for what you have.

George Lidgett, Sacramento


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