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Letters: Trump, birther, lies, Clinton, Kaepernick

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at the James L. Knight Center in Miami on Friday.
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at the James L. Knight Center in Miami on Friday. The Associated Press

Trump seeks to build his brand

Re “Trump concedes Obama was born in the U.S.” (Page 1A, Sept. 17): Donald Trump was obvious about his true interest in running for president, adding to his name brand. He held an event at his newest hotel, blocks from the White House.

Recently, news of Trump’s financial shenanigans, selling his name brand in business dealings in Russia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates, have been circulating. Reports have shown a contractual web of business relationships, some involving government leaders and people convicted or under investigation for crimes.

He won’t be able to get out of these contracts, and giving them to his children or executives, as he suggested, would not ameliorate the conflict of interest. There is no way he would be in a position to make impartial foreign policy decisions as president. It would affect our national security and the economic well-being of our country. What would Ronald Reagan think?

Eileen Heinrich, Sacramento

Trump’s birther lie is one of many

It took eight years of Donald Trump maintaining his ridiculous birther position before he conceded what was obvious to every rational person: Obama was born in the U.S.

At this rate, I suspect that in 2024 we will see similar obvious revelations such as: An IRS audit does not prevent one from releasing his tax returns, and a plan to ask others for a plan to defeat ISIS does not itself qualify as a “secret plan.”

Doug Purdy, Roseville

Trump is nothing but a con man

Who, other than some deplorables, ever doubted that President Barack Obama was born in Hawaii? The more appropriate headline would have been “Trump concedes he’s been lying about Obama’s birth.” And he’s doing it again by falsely claiming that Hillary Clinton somehow started the birther “rumor.” I thought The Bee was better than this, but like much of the media, especially cable news, the ultimate con artist once again duped you.

David Kalb, Davis

Clinton is being treated unfairly

I am 90 years of age and a first-time writer. Here goes: I am not a rabid feminist. I believe in motherhood, and I believe that the playing field should be level. Why is it that Colin Powell, whom I have admired, says that Hillary Clinton is “greedy,” or words to that effect? Is it because she is a woman and “greedy” is a bad trait? In a man, the word would be “assertive” and that would be a good trait.

Why is it that Donald Trump, who has been shown to be corrupt and lies, thinks he can get a way with calling Clinton “crooked Hillary”? When he shouts, it is with a figurative clenched fist. As Indira Gandhi said: “You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist.”

Mary Natteford, Folsom

Wade deserves greater accolades

Re “Wade joins police, fans to promote unity” (Sports, Sept. 18): I was happy and sad to read that a famous athlete, Dwyane Wade, joined Miami police on a 6-mile bike ride to promote unity and educate the public.

My sadness came when I realized that this small story was buried on Page 2 of the sports section. I’m not sure why Colin Kaepernick and the other protesting idiots get front-page headlines and pictures for their stupid moves and Wade, who is promoting a good cause, gets little or nothing.

Johnny Aitken, Lincoln

Protests take joy from football

Once upon a time, you could get away from everyday life by turning on your TV and watching your favorite team, hopefully, annihilating those other guys. It was great; a comfortable chair, some snacks and the kids were banished for a few hours while dad enjoyed his fall ritual.

Now, the pregame banter involves how many players, coaches or even hot dog vendors are or are not going to stand for our national anthem. I will be exercising my own personal preferences by no longer watching my favorite football team, the 49ers.

And I will continue stand, place my hand over my heart, and honor our flag, our servicemen and women, and the many who have, like my father, given their lives to ensure that we and those who follow can enjoy the freedoms so unique to our country.

Clifford Loveland, Elk Grove


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