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Letters: Jeffrey Koons’ art and river garbage

Homeless could gather garbage

Re “A ton of garbage, almost literally, pulled from river” (Page 1B, Sept. 18): To receive food and care is not a license to destroy the environment, the same environment in which the homeless live.

Mental health issues and drug addiction don’t exempt anyone. Everyone can work with supervision. Loaves and Fishes and anyone else could volunteer to direct. Earning the free meal by labor should be the norm for many reasons, one of which would be increased self-esteem.

Steven Falcone, Sacramento

House homeless, save money

I do have sympathy for the homeless and their needs. But when wildfires along the river are blamed on homeless encampments and tons of garbage are left in the river, the problem becomes a public safety issue.

The shopping cart, syringes and human feces pulled from the Sacramento River by volunteers were not left by families and picnics. They were left by people using the river as their own personal toilet and dump.

It must cost less to provide minimal housing and services to homeless people than it does to continually fight the multitude of fires and clean the camps up, year after year. And the rivers and woodlands are being ruined. Sadly, I wouldn’t dream of taking a swim anywhere in the river anymore. Give us back our safe woodlands and river.

Sharon MacAdam, Folsom

Parking nightmare is coming

Many Kings fans are concerned about parking during games and other events. I’m betting that DMV will have a rush on handicapped placards by people who are able-bodied. There already are many being used by the able-bodied. People are always looking for a way to circumvent the system.

Michael L. Corcoran, Folsom

Why a pig? Seriously. Why?

I watched the Sunday Night Football between the Vikings and Packers, and at one point, the camera showed the large Viking ship statue outside the stadium.

That got me to thinking about the new Sacramento arena with a stupid pig sculpture. The powers that be should be extremely embarrassed over the swine selection – let alone how much is being put in the trough to pay for it. Just one more failing mark for Sacramento.

William Markley, Sacramento

Koons ‘installation’ is not art

In the interest of editorial accuracy, please stop referring to that deplorable $8 million installation as a sculpture and to Jeff Koons as an artist.

Carma Allen, Folsom


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