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Guns on campus, parkway signs, Senate candidates, Karl in town, etc.

New Sacramento Kings coach George Karl dropped in at the Firestone Restaurant on Tuesday and mixed it up with fans.
New Sacramento Kings coach George Karl dropped in at the Firestone Restaurant on Tuesday and mixed it up with fans. pkitagaki@sacbee.com

Guns on campus?

Re “Allow guns on college campuses to deter rape, advocates urge” (Page A1, Feb. 19): The notion of widespread guns on college campuses is appalling, but it’s not surprising that the gun lobby is pursuing this lucrative market.

Some things puzzle me – in Michigan they can carry guns but not in classrooms or dorms. Where is the gun kept in the meantime? Think about it. Where do guns end up when the women begin drinking and showing off their new firearms? Why assume that men will not buy guns to protect themselves, too? Colleges have enough to worry about; they do not want to hire more police and health staff to contend with the fallout of firearms in the hands of young people.

The gun lobby never sees a problem that can’t be solved without the application of more guns.

Kathryn Lewis, Sacramento

Keep parkway signage simple

Re “County to reduce sign clutter along river parkway” (Our Region, Feb. 18): Most people will follow rules if they know them. Signs alerting pedestrians to stay left are helpful if people read them. Currently, the painted signs on the parkway that say “walkers and joggers use left shoulder when possible” are 44 characters long, and are painted on the right side of the trail, the side opposite of where the sign says walkers and joggers are supposed to be. The only people who see these signs are people riding bikes.

Pedestrians can always stay on the left side though they may not always be able to use the shoulder. If these signs are to be painted every half mile as proposed, it might be a good idea to put these on the side of the trail that pedestrians are supposed to be on and keep them simple. “Pedestrians stay left” gets the message across in less than half of the characters.

Carol Parise, Sacramento

No ‘on your left’ needed

The whole point of walkers keeping to the left lane on the American River Parkway trails is to separate them from cyclists, who are supposed to use the right lane. If each group is following that suggestion, walkers need not be startled by the call “on your left” from a cyclist approaching from behind. Cyclists approaching from the opposite direction will be visible and can temporarily move into the empty lane to go around the walkers.

Mary Ann Gieszelmann, Roseville

Professors live in own world

Re “CSU hurts students by hiring too many part-time lecturers” (Viewpoints, Feb. 18): I went to undergraduate and graduate college in the CSU system in the ’60s. My major was technical, which is what the original concept of CSUs were about. My experience was that the best lecturers I had were part time. They usually had a small business in the field in which they were lecturing, and they stayed on top of current trends and concepts. The poorest lecturers were those who were strictly academics.

Most part-time lecturers used textbooks as reference material for tables and formulas rather than as the instructional daily class work. This was better training for the real world after graduation.

The UC system was designed for more theoretical lecturing as opposed to training. Students should have the opportunity to choose whether they desire theory or more practical education. Keeping the part-time lecturer in the CSU system keeps those lecturers conversant with everyday technical issues.

Robert Barrett, Rescue

Ukraine is lost

Re “Ukraine pleads for U.N. forces” (Page A1, Feb. 19): Ukraine as an independent country is lost, and Russian President Vladimir Putin has acquired it. What will likely follow is underground resistance that will be crushed as was done in Hungary, Poland, etc. Another country has fallen victim to lack of resolve and historical amnesia.

Matthias Mendezona,

North Highlands

Not your typical short list

Re “Favorites emerge in early test of Senate campaign” (Page A1, Feb. 18): At Political Parity, we strive toward a representative and effective democracy by understanding the barriers and challenges women face on the path toward political leadership.

We were heartened to see the short list of potential candidates in the latest Field Poll for the U.S. Senate seat, one which reflects the American population. Notably, we applaud the equal consideration of men and women leaders spanning all levels of government and various ideologies. Too often, capable women and candidates of color are overlooked, making this particular short list so special. Research has demonstrated the critical role media plays in establishing potential candidates in the minds of voters and political parties. We believe this article contributes to challenging the standard notion of who is a typical politician and helps increase the chances of a more diverse roster of political hopefuls in 2016.

Malliga Och and Yasmin Gentry, Cambridge, Mass.

Republicans cannot be serious

As I read the highlighted quotation regarding Condoleezza Rice being qualified to be a U.S. senator because of her association with President George W. Bush, I thought it might be an early April Fool’s joke.

Why would anyone want to repeat the enormous mistakes of that administration? Dick Cheney, Bush and Rice, with their repeated lies about weapons of mass destruction, led to the longest and most costly war in terms of dollars than any other war in our history, not to mention the human toll in deaths and injuries. If it’s a joke, it sure isn’t funny.

Doris Concklin, Carmichael

High-five for Karl and the Kings

Re “Karl’s arrival revives optimism” (Page A1, Feb. 18): Midtown Sacramento, where I live, is such a pleasure. My buddy and I are sitting in Firestone Public House and in walks the owner of the Kings, Vivek Ranadive, followed by the Kings new head coach George Karl, shaking hands, posing for photos. With them is Warren Smith, head man of Sacramento Republic FC. The Kings dancers are all around.

My buddy and I are just back from the Pebble Beach Pro-Am, jazzed about that and then we experience all this. My buddy wins an in-house raffle for two tickets to the first Kings game that Karl will be head coach. It’s against the Celtics, whom the Kings can beat.

I’m from New York and the Garden and the Knicks. All this excitement with the Kings didn’t happen in Manhattan.

William J. Hughes, Sacramento


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