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FBI, Trump and Clinton, Measure B, death penalty

Barack Obama and James Comey were side by side at Comey’s installation as FBI director, but the president has lately distanced himself from Comey’s election-eve actions that returned Hillary Clinton’s email issue to center stage.
Barack Obama and James Comey were side by side at Comey’s installation as FBI director, but the president has lately distanced himself from Comey’s election-eve actions that returned Hillary Clinton’s email issue to center stage. The Associated Press

U.S. democracy threatened

Re “Obama critical of FBI during Clinton rally” (Page 1A, Nov. 3): I hope all Americans regardless of political persuasion see clearly the danger to our democratic institutions in the upcoming election.

Donald Trump’s threat to jail his opponent, his prediction of riots in the streets if he is not elected, his appalling comment that “Second Amendment” people might act violently toward Hillary Clinton should she win, are an unprecedented attack on America and all we hold dear.

Let’s vote Tuesday to show Russian President Vladimir Putin and the world that our democracy rejects these profoundly undermining ideas.

Dr. Peter Rogge, Sacramento

Trump must not be president

Re “Clinton should not be president,” (Letters, Nov. 3): Many voters this year will support a GOP “candidate” with whom they are uncomfortable, or whom they abhor. Donald Trump, is, emphatically, the worst “candidate” of my 84-year lifetime.

Those who prioritize positive goals in behalf of our American family, embrace community values and hold up our constitutional ideals must understand that to support this hateful incompetent is to stand at the portals of hypocrisy. No argument, none, justifies sending him to the White House.

To paraphrase the 1964 Goldwater campaign slogan: In your hearts, you know he’s wrong.

Richard A. Clark, Woodland

Is Hillary the best option?

Re “Talk of impeachment is an anti-democratic outrage” (Editorial, Nov. 4): Is Donald Trump a boor? Of course. But he’s not corrupt. Anyone who votes for Hillary is voting for a candidate who will be under two FBI criminal investigations for the next several years.

She’ll be a disgraced president under indictment. Imagine if the Watergate details were known before the 1972 election. Many Democrats, having the advantage of seeing their candidate exposed as a liar, a national security risk and a grifter beforehand, apparently have no qualms about voting for Hillary. Wow. Vote Nixon, vote Hillary.

Steve Rodenberg, El Dorado Hills

Don’t hide behind write-ins

Re “Unhappy voters revel in writing in own presidential pick” (Insight, Nov. 4): I too would like Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye the Science Guy as president and vice president. But we don’t have instant runoff voting. A write-in vote just says, “I don’t care whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump wins.”

Both of the aforementioned scientists are deeply concerned about climate change, though, and probably are thankful the Department of Defense has said “climate change is an urgent and growing threat to our national security, contributing to increased natural disasters, refugee flows, and conflicts over basic resources such as food and water.”

I’ll bet both would say, “Don’t write in our names. Vote for Hillary Clinton if you care about your climate, and the climate your children will experience in 50 years.”

Bruce Burdick, Carmichael

Vote yes on Measure B

Re “Does Sacramento need Measure B sales tax?” (Viewpoints, Nov. 1): Transit agencies can be great economic drivers. In a short time, RT has completely turned around. Henry Li, RT’s new general manager/CEO, came on board in July and overhauled the agency. Transformations systemwide include a “customers first” approach resulting in more front-line employees; stations that are renovated, clean and safe; and improved services.

With 25 new fare inspectors, fare evasion rates have already dropped from 15 percent to 5 percent. Security is enhanced with video monitoring of 2,000 cameras. RT is being run like a business, with fiscal accountability and prudent stewardship of public funds. With the opening of Golden 1 Center, ridership to the downtown core has steadily increased. New riders know RT is the way to experience all that Sacramento’s growing and vibrant city has to offer. It’s time for the community to step up to support Measure B. A world-class city needs a world-class transportation system.

Barry Broome, CEO, Greater Sacramento Economic Council

Abolish death penalty

Re “Awful as it is, death penalty serves a purpose in California” (Marcos Breton, Nov. 2): One innocent executed is one too many, yet it happens. Why? False confessions, official misconduct, flawed forensic evidence and false eyewitness testimony. If people commit murders, put them in general population for life. They will be miserable and have to live with what they did.

Terri Friedl, Placerville


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