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Letters: Donald Trump, body shaming Playmate, legal marijuana

A prayer for President Trump

Re “Trump: Time ‘to come together’” (Page 1A, Nov. 9): After recovering, though not entirely, from the initial shock of learning the presidential election results, I am left with two conflicting thoughts.

On the one hand, I fear that Donald Trump will continue his personal pattern of narcissism, misogyny, intolerance, ignorance, crudeness, irrationality and unpredictability.

On the other hand, for the sake of the nation, I pray for a presidency of wisdom, prudence, knowledge, temperance and unity. May God help us all.

Al Sokolow, Davis

California remains the exception

I am so grateful I live in California, one of the few sane states. I cannot understand Americans who voted for a man who doesn’t believe there is a drought or climate change, wants to increase libel laws and doesn’t trust the media, doesn’t pay taxes, uses bankruptcy laws to stop paying people who worked for him, believes if a woman is sexually harassed she should just get another job, and admires Vladimir Putin for being a strong leader. I could go on. Do 20 million people stop receiving health care? People wanted change. So did other nations who produced Hitler, Stalin, Lenin. Good luck, America.

Ellen Robinson, Sacramento

America got it right on Donald Trump

America has spoken and finally got it right, albeit with no help from California. Donald Trump is our next president. The Bee’s ultra-liberal editorial board should take note and now help promote the will of the people instead of its divisive liberal ideology.

There are many reasons for the decline of America, especially during the last eight years, but certainly one of the most prevalent is the PC movement.

As he promised throughout his campaign, Trump will now remove America’s handcuffs and institute the Common Sense policy. Let us all now band together and get behind our new president and make America great again.

John Giordano, Sacramento

Pot ‘prohibition’ was a failure

Re “California’s not ready for legal recreational marijuana” (Marcos Breton, Nov. 6): Marcos Breton is apparently tired of telling the kids to stay off his lawn, and now is telling California to stay off the weed.

Sure, he may be correct in saying adversity may accompany that newly available high, but he leaves out so much.

For example, if prohibition and criminalizing drugs is such a good way to go, why has it failed so miserably? If the U.S. were just an average country, four out of five of those it incarcerates would not be in prison.

Gateway drugs? Tobacco and alcohol are far better predictors of later hard drug use, and far more toxic. Most U.S. drug policy is not founded on facts or science. Bigotry, prejudice, superstition and ignorance are its foundations.

Mark Dempsey, Orangevale

Body-shaming playmate

Re “All the ways that fat shaming is not OK” (Editorials, Nov. 8): Let me see if I understand Dani Mathers’ position.

She just happened to take a camera into a shower area at the gym. Doesn’t everybody? Then the camera took a picture of a 70-year-old woman who was minding her own business taking a shower. It must have been an accident.

Then Mathers decided to share the picture and her body-shaming comments with others. But she only meant to share it with her friends. My goodness, 70-year-old people should be aware that if their bodies aren’t perfect like her 29-year-old body, they shouldn’t get upset about someone taking a picture without their knowledge or permission and making degrading comments to others.

She says it was an accident that she made her comments and the picture public. And if you believe this, I have a bridge to sell you.

Paula Mazuski, Sacramento


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