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Letters: fly-over states, California secession, Trump

Don’t dismiss fly-over states

Re “Triumph stirs trepidation” (Page 1A, Nov. 10): I was raised in the “fly-over” state of Montana and return frequently. All of Montana is rural. The people are relevant, hardworking and successful, and include Democrats, Republicans, and independents.

Children are polite, remove hats, cowboy or otherwise, and salute the flag. Farm equipment is technologically sophisticated, and the men and women operating it are equal to the task. Friends’ Facebook posts are of kids on horseback smiling after placing in the State Fair calf roping, or a JV football team victory.

I was in San Francisco on Nov. 8 and took a moment to enjoy a coffee in sunny Union Square. A teenage boy was cursing a group of girls because they were sitting on the steps blocking his skateboard route. A man was urinating, in full view, by an overflowing garbage can. No one seemed to notice, absorbed in themselves and device screens. It made me sad to see this jewel tarnished by bad behavior.

So the “flyover” people from forgotten America spoke on Tuesday. Whether we agree or disagree with their collective voice, perhaps we should all listen.

Laurie Wood-Gundalch, Sacramento

Resist Trump, don’t flee to Canada

It saddens me most to learn that a plurality of fellow voters bear not only anger but hatred toward President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and, by extension, me. But such is the nature of fascism, as I observed in the 1930s. We soon will see how our Little Dictator carries out his many promises. I, for one, will stay here, not flee to Vancouver, and resist.

Dale M. Heckman, Davis

We need qualified candidates

Re “A mother’s daughter despairs, as history waits her turn” (Shawn Hubler, Nov. 9): There was no mention of the past scandals, debauchery, lies, the Clinton Foundation, and money flowing into her coffers. We need to vote for people of character. I hope in the future more qualified people will run for office.

Lee Smith, Shingle Springs

Trump’s speech was portentous

Yes, history waits her turn for the daughters of America.

I was struck by the lineup on stage during President-elect Donald Trump’s acceptance speech. Why wasn’t our future first lady, Melania Trump, standing close by Trump’s side?

Instead, his youngest son, Barron, was center stage receiving worldwide television coverage, and Melania was pretty much out of the scene. It’s curious. Vice President-elect Mike Pence’s wife was by his side, Hillary Clinton’s husband was close by her side during her concession speech.

I know my husband would have made sure I was close by his side to share in the glory of the moment were he to be in such a position. Was this lineup intentional as a symbolic display of a male-dominated Trump dynasty-to-come?

Sheila LaPolla, Citrus Heights

Secession has some appeal

Re “Secede from U.S.? Trump win lights fire” (Page 8A, Nov. 10): California’s 55 electoral votes have no influence on the direction of the country. It is time to secede.

California has a great economy. Federal income and gas taxes could remain here and add to it. State individual and corporate taxes could be reduced. If Washington and Oregon would care to join us, the nation of Pacifica would control the shipping on the West Coast.

In the alternative, we should get rid of the electoral vote and go to majority vote. Write and call your representatives now.

John A. Creed, Lincoln

Seriously, we will survive Trump

The wailing. The gnashing of teeth. The protests and violence. People are about to jump off a cliff.

The nation elected a president, not a king. There are checks and balances and practical realities. It’s naive to assume the campaign promises and bluster will translate into a scorched earth.

An initiative by California to secede from the U.S. is even more naive. It would be a waste of time and money. The reasons stated for such an action – that the state pays more than its fair share in federal taxes to subsidize other states while our own infrastructure is crumbling, schools are failing, and people live in poverty – can only point to President Barack Obama and Gov. Jerry Brown.

Where have they been the last eight years?

Mark Roberts, Loomis


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