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Anti-Trump protests, Democratic Party, sad to fail

Peaceful protest is part of democracy

Re “Liberal Democrats: Our way or no way” (Letters, Nov. 16): Edward Thomas referred to the wave of anti-Trump protests as “crying.” There is genuine fear for one’s safety and concern with what a Donald Trump presidency means to countless Americans, primarily Muslims, African Americans, Hispanics, Latinos and, of course, women.

No other presidential candidate in U.S. history has insulted, demeaned and bragged about his sexual assault acts and threatened to deport individuals based upon their race. There is virtually no minority group that Trump has not harmed; even people with disabilities are a target.

That’s why Americans are taking to the streets and exercising their constitutional right to protest. We see this president-elect as the very antithesis of American democracy. And it is also why many every day conservatives feel emboldened to publicly threaten violence against individuals that Trump targeted. Just pick up any newspaper and you’ll read that hate crimes are on the rise dramatically since the election.

Kathy E. Johnson, Roseville

Many good reasons for protests

Yes, Donald Trump won. But dignity, integrity, respect and decency lost, and lost “bigly.”

Reminder to letter writer Edward Thomas about how some disappointed voters reacted to Barack Obama’s elections – the Southern Poverty Law Center documents multiple incidents across the country of overt racist behavior including violent threats, assaults, effigy hangings and property destruction including a predominantly black church being torched on Inauguration Day.

Too many sat idly by while Trump demanded that Obama prove his citizenship and others claimed he was a Muslim. The protests of Trump’s election are most assuredly, sir, not from liberals failing to “join the real world” and “crying” about losing the election but a reflection of the outrage that a person of Trump’s character and overtly unconscionable behavior could be rewarded with the presidency.

Thankfully most of America’s young people were raised with far more admirable values.

Ron Fader, Davis

It’s not about Democrats losing

Letter writer Edward Thomas seems to think the recent election protests are some kind of tantrum about Hillary Clinton’s loss. I believe they’re not. These protests are not even about a Republican candidate winning. These people are protesting Donald Trump winning. Believe me, I’ve suffered election losses going back to the ’70s. Losing an election is not fun, but it’s just the way it goes.

A Trump presidency, however, is a very frightening reality and the reason for these protests.

History has proven that a great many atrocities were committed when good people did not stand up and protest. Fortunately, we live in a country where we have the right to peacefully assemble and speak. We need to keep it up, not sit quietly in the corner.

Jim Eckes, Roseville

Obama should calm the nation

Re “Trump must act quickly to calm nation” (Editorials, Nov. 16): President Barack Obama again has failed to take leadership in calming our nation and encouraging people to act in rational and responsible ways. He needs to act as the president for all Americans: to denounce all who call Trump names as well as those who call others names. We need to respect each other and give the president-elect a chance to be a positive leader.

Marcia Boden, Roseville

Democratic Party is in disarray

It is often difficult to tell when the Democrats are truly in disarray as their head-scratching policies make disarray their default mode. However, consider this: The Democrats are outnumbered in both houses of Congress, they are outnumbered in our country’s statehouses, they are significantly outnumbered by Republican governors, the Supreme Court will remain conservative for decades, and best of all, the Obama legacy will be dismantled.

Living in a coastal state causes you to become disheartened about where our great country is headed. This election proves it is just our liberal coastal citizens that are the problem. Long live the Electoral College and our great nation’s heartland. Life is good.

Kenny Shoemake,


Failure a sad statement

Re “I wish President Trump failure” (Viewpoints, Nov. 15): How sad of Eugene Robinson to wish President-elect Donald Trump failure. This is the ultimate example of not accepting democracy.

Everything Robinson says about Trump is true. However, he was democratically elected. To wish him failure means that the U.S. will fail. Is that what Robinson wants? It is because of comments like his that Trump won.

Peter Bosse, Roseville


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