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‘Alt-right,’ foreign tactics, Cabinet choice

President-elect Donald Trump chose Betsy DeVos, a charter school advocate, as Education secretary in his administration.
President-elect Donald Trump chose Betsy DeVos, a charter school advocate, as Education secretary in his administration. The Associated Press

‘Alt-right’ term not a smear

Re “Origin of the term ‘alt-right’?” (Letters, Nov. 25): Charles Hummer blames the term “alt-right” on the failures of the liberals. He says the “big centralized policies they support have been repeatedly tried and failed.” Really? Social Security is a failure? Medicare is a failure? The military is a failure? Did I miss something?

The term alt-right wasn’t developed to smear. It is, indeed, an alternative group of conservatives who don’t feel restrained and feel quite comfortable voicing things that have been better kept in the dark – supporting complete bans on Muslims, building an impossible wall, jailing women for having an abortion, not to mention supporting overt sexual abuse by grabbing women.

Thankfully, we live in California. Other than tanking the economy, there’s nothing Drumpff can do to us. He surely will try, but the Golden State will prevail. We’re above racism, bigotry and xenophobia.

Robert Thomas, Fair Oaks

Different tactics solicit Trump

Re “Russian effort helped spread fake news during election, experts say” (Page 1A, Nov. 25): China approves a Trump trademark soon after Donald Trump is elected president. This rational and legal tactic is designed to influence Trump in his future dealings with China. Bravo, China.

Russia strong-arms and bullies the United States electorate with fake news spread through social media in the same manner as the defunct and defeated Soviet Union, and hacks Democratic emails in an attempt to influence the election. Shame on Russia.

China is attempting to act like a great power and gain respectability while Russia acts like a corrupt politician of ill repute.

John R. Williams, Rancho Cordova

Money trumps public education

Re “Trump names two women to key Cabinet positions” (Page 1A, Nov. 24): What can possibly go wrong now the President-elect Donald Trump has tapped Betsy DeVos to head to Department of Education? Probably nothing, if you are wealthy and send your children to private schools.

She has never attended a public school, her children have never attended a public school, she has never been a schoolteacher or an educator , and yet she is going to be setting policy for all of our schools in this country. She favors voucher programs to undermine public education.

It should not come as a surprise that Trump is hiring people with zero experience. Hopefully, this will be an impetus for all of us to fight for improvement of public education, not annihilate it.

Cynthia Gargovich, Sacramento


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